i hope this will be a quick goodbye that won’t last for a very long time, but~

as i mentioned a few days ago, i am moving to France for a year. my flights are today (i have a stop in Brussels) and i’m getting to Toulouse at 10:30p.m. i will be picked up by the nuns who run the school where i’ll be learning French and keeping an eye on the actual pupils (aged 7-18, i presume) and maybe doing something else as well to help out.

i was promised internet access, so i’m sure i will have it, but i am unsure when and how exactly, so i do not know when i’ll have the ability to come online. but i promise i’m not leaving this blog unattended for another 11 months! i promise, okay? ~.~

i’ll definitely keep posting cute Asian stuff. just probably not today and maybe not yet tomorrow, either.

p.s. kui minu tumblrit jälgib ka mõni eestlane, võite kindlasti külastada ka minu uut eestikeelset blogi Spellwalking, kus ei ole hetkel veel midagi, aga kuhu ma kindlasti kirjutan oma tegemistest-kogemustest Prantsusmaal rohkem, kui siia. //if there happen to be any Estonians frequenting my tumblr, then maybe you would be interested in my Estonian blog Spellwalking, where i don’t yet have anything, but where i’ll definitely post about my life in France. all non-Estonians are also welcome! i’ll definitely post photos as well (i.e. i already have a back-to-school shopping post planned to show off some amazing things *khm*creepers&skirt*khm* i found in the stores yesterday), so you’re all welcome to visit the blog~.~

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